Shawnee Family Health Center serves Adams, Lawrence, and Scioto Counties.
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Hisle Park Apartments Project Construction continues on Hisle Park Apartments for transitional age youth. This apartment complex is named for Larry Hisle, a former professional baseball player. Hisle, born in Portsmouth Ohio, broke into the big leagues when he was twenty as an outfielder for the Phillies. He also played for the Minnesota Twins and the Milwaukee Brewers. Hisle was two-time All Star : When he was as a player, and when he was coach for a 2 World Series winning - the Toronto Blue Jays. The location of the apartment complex is near the area where Larry Hisle Park once was

Working together for LIFE. STRENGTH. HOPE The Scioto County Suicide Prevention Coalition is a group of Counselors, social workers, social service agencies, faith-based partners, businesses, and citizens united in addressing the various issues of suicide throughout Scioto County.  Raising awareness, providing trainings, education schools, general prevention and responding in the aftermath of a tragedy are all services the coalition strives to accomplish. Another important service the Scioto County Suicide Prevention Coalition provides is the raising of community mental health knowledge in order to reduce the stigma associated with depression and other mental illnesses.  Mental illnesses, like cancer or other disease, are treatable.  Suicide

School Based Health Care Getting health care for your child can be complicated. Many doctors only offer appointments during the school day, and their offices might be far from school. To see the doctor, your child might have to miss school and you might have to leave work — which isn't always an option.Our School-based health services make going to the provider as simple as walking down the hall.Staffed by Shawnee Family Health Center nurses and social workers, school-based health care provides a range of services to meet kids' and teens' health care needs. Services can include check-ups, counseling, and regular