Shawnee Family Health Center serves Adams, Lawrence, and Scioto Counties.
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Shawnee Family Health Center 901 Washington Street Portsmouth, OH 45662


We believe that people with mental illness who want to work can work, regardless of their mental illness. These services address vocational training, education and support for adults who have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness. Although services are primarily provided to people living in Adams, Lawrence and Scioto Counties, we also provide them to people with severe mental illness who live in surrounding counties and have been referred by the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Our program is based on the supported employment model, which is an evidence based approach to employment. The seven principles of this model are:

  • Zero exclusion (anyone who wants to work can be admitted to the program, regardless of severity of symptoms)
  • Consumer preferences drive the plan
  • Treatment is integrated
  • Rapid job search
  • Competitive employment is the goal
  • Follow along supports are time limited
  • Personalized benefit planning

People with severe mental illness who work report less symptoms and a higher quality of life.