Shawnee Family Health Center serves Adams, Lawrence, and Scioto Counties.
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Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment Services for Children (CPST)
Children with emotional and behavioral problems that interfere with their functioning at home, school and the community can benefit from specialized CPST services for children. Caring professionals work with the child and his/her family to teach behavior management skills and provide education related to the emotional issues, in addition to support and advocacy. Children CPST workers work within the child’s home and school and in other community settings. Parents are an important part of treatment at Shawnee Family Health Center and are encouraged to be involved in treatment planning and sessions with their child. Also, since children spend a lot of their time in school, case managers involve the teacher and guidance counselors in treatment (when applicable) to better assist the child and family manage school related concerns.

Child Psychiatrists are available for children assessed as needing medication to help them better manage their symptoms. The child psychiatrist and nurses become part of the treatment team, along with the child, parents/caretakers and the case manager.